Monday, March 2, 2009

The initial request

On Saturday, February 7th, 2009 Victoria was stunned. A firestorm unlike anything we had ever experienced ripped through the Kinglake Ranges, taking lives, homes and our beloved forest with it.

The wider Kinglake area is the main 'feeder' area for my school - Plenty Valley Christian College. Many of our families lost everything. Most of us know someone/many who lost their homes, and lives. Needless to say, the College community went into shock, but banded together to support each other, and those in the wider community. As a staff, our main purpose was (and still is) to provide our children with the stable environment they need - for some, school is the ONLY thing in their life that hasn't changed.

Like many, I felt a great heaviness, as I wanted to do more, but wasn't sure just how I could help. Until I thought of quilts. A quilt is a gift of love - and love is a powerful healer. With this in mind, I decided to make a 'snuggle' quilt for each of the children from school who lost everything. But to achieve this I needed help.

My idea was to make quilt blocks - 9 of these would be put together into quilts large enough to 'snuggle' into. The task was a little daunting, but I knew it could be done - so I set about 'spreading the word'. I emailed the College staff, an online Teacher Librarian quilters list I belong to, and my quilting gals. I let the College community know via our weekly newsletter, and the wider world via Twitter.

The brief:
  • 12" quilt blocks (+ 1/4" seam allowances).
  • Pure cotton fabric.
  • Any colour - there are boys and girls from Prep to Year 12.
  • Donations of $ or fabric or batting to complete the quilts.
  • Quilters willing to put the quilt tops together.
  • Quilters willing to do the quilting.
It doesn't matter how many blocks are made - as well as our children there are many more who need a 'snuggle'.

The response has blown me away. It appears there are MANY more who feel like I do. Emails have been coming in from around Melbourne, interstate and overseas. Individuals and small groups from within the College community to as far afield as Bristol and Rhode Island are stitching. How amazing is that???

This blog is the story of the journey.

A xo

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