Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elm Creek supports Plenty Valley

'Where's Elm Creek?' I hear you say ... no it's not in Victoria ... nor is it in Australia ... not Bristol ... in fact - not anywhere - in reality! Elm Creek 'lives' in the Elm Creek series of books written by Jennifer Chiaverini - and, yes I admit it - I'm an addict. :)

The fact is, I'm SO addicted, I belong to a group that meets once a month - we don't stand and verbalise our addiction (that's taken as a 'given'), instead we discuss the latest book on the list and assemble our 'blocks of the month' - all going into our quilts 'in the style of Sylvia's bridal sampler' (fellow Elm Creek 'addicts' will understand what I'm talking about).

How then, has Elm Creek supported Plenty Valley? Libby, an 'Elm Creeker' gave me these quilts when we met this month. The second quilt was made by one of her patients - seems like quilting discussions can be worked into 'any' conversation.
THANK YOU Libby and Corrie.

A xo

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