Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Clifton Quilters - Bristol

I have been blown away by how far news of our quest has spread. In this case, I believe it was via the Teacher Librarian 'world network'. Heather, Arlene and Jane are members of The Clifton Quilters in Bristol, and they were deeply moved by the scenes they saw of the fires. Here are their contributions that 'arrived' on my doorstep.

The trouble is, I was SO excited (and a tad
overwhelmed) by what lay inside the packages ... that I piled them up on my table as I opened each package - the problem is ... I lost track of 'who sent what' ... I can't apologise enough for muddling it all up ... but it was just soooo fabulous! Thank you!!

Here is the 'sum' of their packages ... sorry I can't match each with a name ... but I Do love them all :)

A xo

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