Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gifts of Batting

Batting and backing fabric are turning out to be the most expensive part of getting the quilts finished, so I've been 'scouting' for bargains and donations.

The roll sitting on top is part of a larger amount of wool batting donated to Patchwork House by Victorian Textiles - many thanks to them for their generosity.

The 3 rolls beneath, and the scissors, are from the group who organise my subscription to AP&Q magazine. They rang me with the current subscription 'deals', one of which included bamboo batting ... I jumped at the chance, and explained to them why I wanted it. They asked me to wait a moment and , after a somewhat long pause, they offered to throw in another 2 rolls of batting and 2 pairs of scissors to help out. I surpised the poor woman by bursting into tears (I explained they were tears of gratitude) - another example of generosity over-and-above necessity.

There are SO many wonderful people in our wider community helping us out - those of you who read this blog, make sure you thank those you know, and give them a BIG cuddle from me :)

A xox

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