Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Blocks & Prodigal Pics

I owe the makers of these gorgeous blocks and quilts a big apology - partly because it's taken me so LONG to get the photos up, and partly because I'm still finding errant photos. For someone who prides herself in her 'organisational skills' ... I've found out I am a mere mortal and can't 'do it all' after all (especially when the work/life/everything else balance gets overloaded).

Adreanne & Fran

Margaret & Colette


These have been put into quilts and have found their new homes - keep watching for the quilts they now live in.

A xo

PS If I have mislabelled anything, or if I haven't got a pic of your handiwork up ... PLEASE let me know - my brain is slowly returning to 'normal'. ;-)

Fabulous Findon

You may remember this photo from the Quilt Hanging post - and I promised to tell you more about this dynamic duo and their fabulous kids.
Many moons ago I had the pleasure of teaching with Mary and Merrill at Findon PS. There was never a dull moment - some things don't change!

Mary's class were doing a unit of work about helping others, when she heard about Snuggle Quilts - so they decided to get involved. Over the weeks the class talked about the messages they could put onto a quilt.
Each student made a block - and the results are in their two gorgeous quilts.

Nicki, the art teacher, got involved too - and there is another quilt on the way.
Merrill is a quilter - she guided them along their way, put the blocks together and did the quilting.
This is the first one they finished - isn't it wonderful?

Just before the school holidays I headed over to Findon's Friday assembly for the official 'handing over'. It was fantastic to look at all the changes that have taken place since I left - a couple of Mary's students took me around and filled me in on all the things they're doing, and I had a chance to do some catching up with 'old' colleagues.

At the assembly Mary and her students explained what they'd been doing to the rest of the school.
I filled them in on what the Snugglequilters had been doing, then they gave me the two finished quilts.
THANK YOU guys - wherever your quilts end up, I know the new owners will feel the love that has gone into them.

A xo


FINALLY ... I've found some time to update this blog!

During the last weeks of term 2 all my time was taken up getting quilts finished and out to their new homes. As a result of, shall we say, falling a 'tad' behind in my school 'paperwork', my holidays were spent sitting right where I am now - at the computer ... 2 solid weeks of intensive catch-up ... boy, it was SO much fun (not!).

There is much to tell ... so I'd better get on with it :)

A xo