Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Snuggle Quilts Go Home

The July school holidays was a great time for the first batch of Snuggle Quilts to find a home. Mid Winter makes for great 'snuggling', and we wanted families to be able to snuggle beneath a quilt made with love.

Snuggle Quilts batch #1.

Small quilts

Large quilts

Middle-size quilts

Baby quilts

Kid's quilts

Lined up in the hallway, waiting to go.

In the Conference Room, ready to be picked up
(along with the gorgeous teddies).

THIS is what Snuggle Quilts is all about - having our quilts find a home. What I wasn't ready for was the emotions that hit me. Leaving them was akin to saying goodbye to an old friend. But there was also great joy - in knowing they would wrap someone else with our love.

A xo

Diamond Creek Snuggle Quilters Quilt Hanging

Every Wednesday morning a group of quilters gather in Diamond Creek (,_Victoria) to share their passion. When Monica heard about Snuggle Quilts she asked the 'gals' if they'd be interested in being involved. To say their answer was 'yes' would be an understatement - they took the challenge by the horns!.

Using blocks and fabric I had been given, and adding their own touches, they produced fabulous quilts. These photos were taken at a Quilt Hanging to support the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea (

Dick and Jane

Blocks from Bristol

Noah's Ark


Racing cars

Australian native applique and 4 patches

Flower blocks

Butterflies and Bears

Spotty bear

Scrappy blocks


Toy Story, bugs and critters, and flower blocks

Basting the Dalmations quilt after the quilt hanging

The 'gals' at their Quilt Hanging

I can't thank this group enough - they are dedicated, fantastic quilters, and continue to contribute to Snuggle Quilts. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

God Bless!

A xo

Sandwich Basting

Quilting terminology gives me the giggles sometimes. When I tell people I'm 'basting the quilt sandwich' I've had some rather odd reactions.

Yes, basting is what you do to a chook as it roasts ... preparing it to be devoured by a hungry mob ... but that's where the similarity ends! Quilt basting is where you join the quilt 'sandwich' together.

'The sandwich!' I hear you saying, ' ... is that to keep up the energy levels as you quilt?' Well ... yes, quilters are known for their preoccupation with yummy snacks as they work ... but the Quilt Sandwich is the 3 layers that make up the quilt - backing, batting and quilt top. They are carefully laid out, held in place (so they don't move around) and then joined together with either safety pins or cotton tacking (the large stitches kind, not the metal ones put into wood).
The quilt sandwich - held in place by masking tape and large clips - ready to be pinned.

William supervising - to make sure I do it properly!

Phew! That was tricky (the difficult to explain tricky, not the pulling the rabbit out of the hat kind of tricky). Goodness ... English is a complicated language, isn't it?? ;-)

A xo