Sunday, December 20, 2009

The latest quilts and quilt tops

When I met up with Janet Rowe last Sunday I was TOTALLY unprepared for what awaited me ... to say the car was PACKED would be an understatement!  There was SO much, in fact, that I'm now having to completely rethink how I have all the Snuggle Quilt goodies stored at home - I have NO space left ... LOL!


Due to end of year craziness, we ended up having to meet before the Snuggle Quilts meeting, at a Spotlight carpark halfway-ish between our houses.  I must admit we must have been quite a sight having our 'clandestine' meeting in the corner, unloading bags and boxes of quilts and fabric!

I've taken photos of everything Janet gave us, but ... it's Christmas ... and my focus tonight is on getting quilts ready to go to their new homes.  What I wanted to do is show you the wonderful finished quilts that will go home, and the tops we aim to have quilted asap.

THANK YOU Janet and your band of quilters - these are just amazing.

... remember, my pics are not to scale ...

Finished Quilts





Quilt Tops


I will put up photos of the REST of what is hiding in those bags and boxes after Christmas.

May Snugglequilters and all our Snuggle Quilts followers have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

A xo

Monday, November 30, 2009

Snuggle Quilts get together

Greetings Snugglequilters,

My goodness ... it has been AGES since I last posted - I can't believe it's been so long. It has also been an age since we met, and I've broken pretty much every promise I made to get together asap ... but I'm afraid school and my daughter's wedding (last week) kind of over-filled my days.

SO ... because the days in the year are fast running out ... those of us who can ... MUST get together asap ... in fact ... on Sunday December 13th - at Plenty Valley CC (where we had the quilt hanging).

'Why the rush - it's the Christmas crazy time of the year?' I hear you shouting. Well, there are several reasons (in no order of importance - just how I'm thinking tonight)
  • It's nearly Christmas - and there are STILL families who haven't received quilts. I have the names of quite a few, and there are more coming - they need snuggles - and perhaps a lovely Christmas present that lets them know we are still thinking of them.
  • Holidays are coming up for many of us, and that may mean that some who are usually time-poor will have a 'bit' more time to put towards a quilt (or 2).
  • If Snuggle Quilts is to continue, we need to meet.
  • On the 13th the wonderful Janet Rowe, from Wildcraft Farm (quilt and stitcheries designer can join us, as she would like to deliver a HEAP of goodies for us. Janet contacted me after reading the article about Snuggle Quilts in Nurture magazine. Here's a bit out of her email:

I live in the thick of the Dandenongs where bush fires threatened daily (Jessica's school was cancelled a few times due to the danger), so in order to keep my sanity I went on my blog and asked my followers world wide to help out - and they did (in a very big way). Unfortunately the fire threats got in the way of us being able to complete and distribute some of these quilts, my intention had always been to see if we could help the Plenty Valley School first, and it's surrounding families. It's a long story, thats why I'm wondering if you can give me a call - as I am now in the possession of a lot of items I need to get to where they are needed.

Janet has quilts, blocks and MORE that she would love to donate to Snuggle Quilts for us to finish/distribute/make into more quilts. To get an idea of what her group have done, check out her February blog posts:
I can't wait to meet Janet in person, and see what she has to share with us.

That is why I REALLY hope you can all come along - even if only for a short while.

That said, given the time of year, I totally understand if you can't make it 'this' time.

Here are my (current) plans for the day:

  • Get together for an afternoon of sorting out what we 'can' do.
    • I'll bring the Snuggle Quilts fabric we already have (including backing fabric etc).
    • I'll bring the batting offcut 'bits' we have + any other batting people have let me know they need.
  • Janet can show us what she has - and we can work out who/what we will do get it organised.
  • Work out what could be distributed before Christmas.
  • Spend some time sewing/planning/cutting/plotting/working out who can do what/grabbing some supplies ... whatever else!!
  • Work out when we will next meet.

If you can't make it on the day, but would like to be involved, email/phone me and I we can arrange to get some goodies to you.

At this time of the year, let's share our love, the way He shared with us.

PLEASE contact me with any ideas/questions etc.

A xo

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Snuggle Quilts Go Home

The July school holidays was a great time for the first batch of Snuggle Quilts to find a home. Mid Winter makes for great 'snuggling', and we wanted families to be able to snuggle beneath a quilt made with love.

Snuggle Quilts batch #1.

Small quilts

Large quilts

Middle-size quilts

Baby quilts

Kid's quilts

Lined up in the hallway, waiting to go.

In the Conference Room, ready to be picked up
(along with the gorgeous teddies).

THIS is what Snuggle Quilts is all about - having our quilts find a home. What I wasn't ready for was the emotions that hit me. Leaving them was akin to saying goodbye to an old friend. But there was also great joy - in knowing they would wrap someone else with our love.

A xo

Diamond Creek Snuggle Quilters Quilt Hanging

Every Wednesday morning a group of quilters gather in Diamond Creek (,_Victoria) to share their passion. When Monica heard about Snuggle Quilts she asked the 'gals' if they'd be interested in being involved. To say their answer was 'yes' would be an understatement - they took the challenge by the horns!.

Using blocks and fabric I had been given, and adding their own touches, they produced fabulous quilts. These photos were taken at a Quilt Hanging to support the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea (

Dick and Jane

Blocks from Bristol

Noah's Ark


Racing cars

Australian native applique and 4 patches

Flower blocks

Butterflies and Bears

Spotty bear

Scrappy blocks


Toy Story, bugs and critters, and flower blocks

Basting the Dalmations quilt after the quilt hanging

The 'gals' at their Quilt Hanging

I can't thank this group enough - they are dedicated, fantastic quilters, and continue to contribute to Snuggle Quilts. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

God Bless!

A xo