Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just when you think you're 'finished' ... God has other ideas!

I'm sitting at the computer at the moment to have a 'break' from sorting and washing! 'Why would you need a break from that?' I hear you say ... it's because it's sorting a washing a pile of fabric the size of one of the pyramids!!! ... and no, I'm NOT kidding .... well, maybe a little ... but there IS a lot.

I belong to the gang of quilters who wash everything before they use it ... I'd hate to wash a quilt and have one of the fabrics run and ruin it. The consequence of this is that I wash EVERY bit of fabric that comes to me, if I don't know it has already been washed.

On Tuesday this week I 'thought' I could see the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. The piles of blocks and fabric to be made into quilt tops were almost to the bottom, and I could see that I would be able to spend the holidays getting quilts finished. It felt FABULOUS.

But God had other plans. I've regularly found myself talking to Him about His plans ... as they don't always seems to be the same as mine (anyone else find that??). I felt sure He was telling me that all was good, and He was happy with what we've all done. Again - I must have missed something ... someone once commented to me 'Does God have to kick you in the rear before you can see what He's trying to show you?'. I think, perhaps, this was one of 'those' moments.

As I wallowed in the glow of being 'done' he very LOUDLY let me know that He had other ideas.

On Wednesday morning a box appeared on my desk filled with beautiful fabrics and stitcheries. They were just gorgeous, and filled my head with SO many MORE ideas. Gosh, I thought, there is more to do. My Thursday night gals were equally excited by the fabrics - and many are finding their way into their quilts as I sit here and write.

Phew, I thought ... that was 'easy'. Silly me.

On Friday I got a call from school (I don't work Fridays - that is my 'quilting' day), telling me there were several bags of goodies that had arrived for me ... one filled with finished quilts, one with 'something else' in it, and 2 filled with fabric. The quilts thrilled me, the ? bag puzzled me, and the fabrics told me that God wasn't finished. It was only when I went over and picked them up that I realised how much BIGGER His plan is.

To top it off, an email arrived this morning telling me there were MORE coming from overseas.

That's it!!! Who am I to argue? He is working in the hearts of WAY more people than just me ... I'm just the bunny in the middle.

When I get a chance later on on I'll post the details of all these wonderful goodies that have arrived. For now, it's back to the trough. And ... spare a thought for me ... and my prune-like hands ... it's all got to be ironed!

But I'm not going to argue with Him ... He has a plan ... I just have to keep myself a bit more open to noticing what it is :)

A xo

Does anyone know if you can buy special glasses that allow you to 'see' God's plans in their entirety when you set out along one of the little divergent paths He guides/drags us along? How handy would they be eh?

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