Thursday, April 9, 2009

One step closer to becoming a quilt

By the end of last week several more tops had been finished. Some arrived as blocks, and have been assembled into the tops, others weren't quite big enough so we added borders. I hope you don't mind us doing that if we need to ... we spend a LOT of time considering what can be done, while keeping (what we hope is) the original 'feel' of the quilt.
I get pretty annoyed with the colour in my pics ... when I take each one, I take several with AND without the flash in an attempt to get the colour accurate ... but they never seem to do them justice compared to 'the real thing'. It's the paler colours I'm having the most trouble with ... they seem so washed out! For example, the yellow in the Earth Movers quilt above is a real primary yellow. Grr!
A xo

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