Saturday, February 5, 2011

How many is enough?

As I start to get my house organised for tomorrow's Snuggle Quilts get together, I started thinking about HOW MANY quilts would be needed to give everyone, in one of Eastern Australia's disaster zones, who currently needs a snuggle - a quilt.

The number is overwhelming!

I live in suburban Melbourne - NOT an area one would consider a flood zone - but our cellar is currently flooded.  We live close to The Yarra River - it has a flood warning - as do so many of Victoria's waterways.

So much of this country is in crisis mode today ...

 ... on top of this, Monday is the anniversary of the Black Saturday fires ...

Like I said ... it's overwhelming!

A quilt is only a small thing, in the scheme of things ... but each stitch is filled with love.  

It really is the least we can do.

A xo

If you know of other groups making gifts of love, let me know and I'll happily post a link to their site.

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