Friday, March 18, 2011

Assembly Day #1

On February 6th this wonderful bunch of Snugglequilters met to start assembling blocks and fabric for a sewing day to be held at the end of April.

We started to work our way through the MANY sets of donated quilt blocks, matching them with sashing and backing fabric.  Each pack can now be assembled, ready for quilting.  Caroline took several completed quilt top/batting/backing sets to be quilted by a wonderful quilter who has a long-arm quilting maching.  

To say I am thankful for this quilter's offer would be an understatement!  There are many of us who are willing and eager to complete quilt tops, but finding quilters is my greatest challenge.

There are still many blocks to be assembled, and I plan to have another get-together to continue making up quilt top packs.  I think the packs are a great idea - all they need is to be sewn together - (hopefully) enabling the completion of many tops within a short period of time.  At the moment I'm thinking of the 1st or 2nd weekend of the School Holidays (April 9th or 16th).  I will keep you posted!

Until then ...

A xo

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