Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sandwich Basting

Quilting terminology gives me the giggles sometimes. When I tell people I'm 'basting the quilt sandwich' I've had some rather odd reactions.

Yes, basting is what you do to a chook as it roasts ... preparing it to be devoured by a hungry mob ... but that's where the similarity ends! Quilt basting is where you join the quilt 'sandwich' together.

'The sandwich!' I hear you saying, ' ... is that to keep up the energy levels as you quilt?' Well ... yes, quilters are known for their preoccupation with yummy snacks as they work ... but the Quilt Sandwich is the 3 layers that make up the quilt - backing, batting and quilt top. They are carefully laid out, held in place (so they don't move around) and then joined together with either safety pins or cotton tacking (the large stitches kind, not the metal ones put into wood).
The quilt sandwich - held in place by masking tape and large clips - ready to be pinned.

William supervising - to make sure I do it properly!

Phew! That was tricky (the difficult to explain tricky, not the pulling the rabbit out of the hat kind of tricky). Goodness ... English is a complicated language, isn't it?? ;-)

A xo

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