Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Snuggle Quilts Go Home

The July school holidays was a great time for the first batch of Snuggle Quilts to find a home. Mid Winter makes for great 'snuggling', and we wanted families to be able to snuggle beneath a quilt made with love.

Snuggle Quilts batch #1.

Small quilts

Large quilts

Middle-size quilts

Baby quilts

Kid's quilts

Lined up in the hallway, waiting to go.

In the Conference Room, ready to be picked up
(along with the gorgeous teddies).

THIS is what Snuggle Quilts is all about - having our quilts find a home. What I wasn't ready for was the emotions that hit me. Leaving them was akin to saying goodbye to an old friend. But there was also great joy - in knowing they would wrap someone else with our love.

A xo

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