Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Blocks & Prodigal Pics

I owe the makers of these gorgeous blocks and quilts a big apology - partly because it's taken me so LONG to get the photos up, and partly because I'm still finding errant photos. For someone who prides herself in her 'organisational skills' ... I've found out I am a mere mortal and can't 'do it all' after all (especially when the work/life/everything else balance gets overloaded).

Adreanne & Fran

Margaret & Colette


These have been put into quilts and have found their new homes - keep watching for the quilts they now live in.

A xo

PS If I have mislabelled anything, or if I haven't got a pic of your handiwork up ... PLEASE let me know - my brain is slowly returning to 'normal'. ;-)

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