Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's time for us to help the people of Queensland

I've just been listening to the morning news ... such devastation from the floods in Queensland ... and I'm figuring all that water will continue down the system until it eventually peters out (when/wherever that will be).

Queensland quilters helped us out after the Black Saturday fires - now it's our turn to help them.

Snuggle Quilts have been quiet for some time ... it's time for us to get going again.

Here's where we're at ...
  1. There are MANY finished quilt tops that need quilting.
  2. We have enough completed blocks to make up (perhaps) 8 or 9 quilts - they just need sashing and borders.
  3. Fabric donations have seen our stash grow to a bookcase-full - plenty for us to work with.
  4. There are currently 2 ENORMOUS (and I'm not kidding here) rolls of (eiderdown) thick batting in my lounge room.  It's too thick to use in our 'normal' quilts, but would be great in quilts with large blocks that had minimal quilting. 
So ... I'm thinking ...
  • I will organise a sewing/organising day at my place after school gets back.
  • If anyone is able to help out with 1 or 2 above NOW, let me know and we will get together what you need.
  • If anyone knows of someone who has a professional quilting setup and is willing to quilt for us - that would be sensational.  Please let me know so I can contact them.
I will post more information soon.

A xo

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