Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snuggle Quilts sewing day

It has been such a LONG time since we've worked on any Snuggle Quilts - so let's get together on July 24th.

Here's my current idea:
  •  Meet for the day at my place.
    Snuggle Quilts now possesses SO much fabric that I can no longer cart it around.  At my place we have easy access to everything we need.
  • Come for as long as you are able, when you are able.
    If we meet between 10-4 then those who want to make a day of it can, and others can come and go.  No pressure - just do what you can.  You can even stay beyond 4 ... I'm not going anywhere!!!
  • Share morning/arvo tea and lunch.
    Chatting, eating and cuppas are VITAL to happy quilting.

What do I want to do on the day???

As I mentioned in the last post, Janet gave us a huge amount of fabric and quilt tops.  All the finished quilts found homes in the Kinglake area in time for Christmas.  My friend who distributed them said they brought much joy to their new families.
  • #1 Priority
    What I still have are quilt tops sitting here waiting to be quilted.  It would be wonderful if they could make their way to their new homes too.  I have plenty of backing fabric so, on the day, we could baste to our heart's content.
  • #2 Priority
    Don't worry if you're like me, and not good at the 'quilting' part. There are an enormous number of blocks to be made into quilt tops.  When we last me we sorted them into possible quilts - there are a lot of them!  So, there is plenty of opportunity to sew.

Bring along:
  • Any SQ quilts you are already working on or have finished.
  • Your quilting tools.
  • Basting pins - if you're going to take one to quilt (if we use our own pins on the quilts we're going to do, then we don't have to worry about returning them).  No pins? No worries - we'll tack!
  • Food - for morning/arvo tea and lunch (whichever you're staying for).
  • Your sense of humour and willing to have a chat.   ;-)

I so hope lots can make it.  I loved the times we spent together last year - so let's keep it going ... there are lots of people who are still in need of a Snuggle!

Please let me know if you're coming - so I can be prepared.

If you'd like to grab something earlier, contact me and I'll get whatever you need to you.

A xo

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