Sunday, December 20, 2009

The latest quilts and quilt tops

When I met up with Janet Rowe last Sunday I was TOTALLY unprepared for what awaited me ... to say the car was PACKED would be an understatement!  There was SO much, in fact, that I'm now having to completely rethink how I have all the Snuggle Quilt goodies stored at home - I have NO space left ... LOL!


Due to end of year craziness, we ended up having to meet before the Snuggle Quilts meeting, at a Spotlight carpark halfway-ish between our houses.  I must admit we must have been quite a sight having our 'clandestine' meeting in the corner, unloading bags and boxes of quilts and fabric!

I've taken photos of everything Janet gave us, but ... it's Christmas ... and my focus tonight is on getting quilts ready to go to their new homes.  What I wanted to do is show you the wonderful finished quilts that will go home, and the tops we aim to have quilted asap.

THANK YOU Janet and your band of quilters - these are just amazing.

... remember, my pics are not to scale ...

Finished Quilts





Quilt Tops


I will put up photos of the REST of what is hiding in those bags and boxes after Christmas.

May Snugglequilters and all our Snuggle Quilts followers have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

A xo

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