Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Snugglequilters have been busy

Goodness, I've been SO busy quilting that I haven't had a chance to post anything. Sorry about that.

Snugglequilters have been VERY busy trying to get as many quilts finished as possible. Next Saturday we are meeting at the College for afternoon tea. The plan is to meet fellow Snugglequilters, have a chat, check out the quilts completed so far and get an idea of how to organise the ongoing 'life' of Snuggle Quilts.

If we manage to finish 'all' the quilts currently being worked on, next weekend I'll be able to display 72 quilts ... that's right ... 72!!! That is just amazing. I set out on this journey to make 17 quilts ... and now we have 72 ... in 14 weeks ... just incredible!

I also have MORE blocks and fabric to be made into quilts ... perhaps another 30.

I'm not waiting for them 'all' to be finished, because I want to get as many out into the community as I can, as soon as possible. Winter hit us suddenly down here ... our Autumn was brief. As cold as it is down here in the city (where I live), it's MUCH colder up the mountain. Even at Easter the cold was 'falling' in Kinglake by 4 in the afternoon - now it's freezing at night. Without the 'warm' buffer of the tree canopy, I'm betting on more snow this year ... and there are people living in caravans on their property. I can only imagine how cold that must be. SO ... the more quilts we can get to people to snuggle under asap, the better.

I'm really hoping Snuggle Quilts will continue on, beyond our current quest. There will always be someone, somewhere in need of a 'snuggle'.

Quilts packed and ready to go ... waiting to be quiltedA xo

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