Friday, May 22, 2009

Afternoon Tea Invitation

How exciting! The time has finally come for us to get our 'first batch' of quilts out to families. So ...

All Snugglequilters are invited to the College for

Afternoon Tea

to view our completed Snuggle Quilts & have a chat with other ‘Snugglequilters’

Saturday May 23rd @ 2.30pm

THIS is why I haven't been keeping up with blog posts lately - the emphasis has been on getting this batch finished. So ... keep tuned ... I PROMISE to have more pics and information up over the next week. There are some FABULOUS things to share.
As I've been sorting through them all, I've suddenly realised that a group of photos seem to have gone missing. There are quite a number of quilts that haven't made it onto the blog. So I'll retake them and make sure they're up. Sorry to those people - I have no idea what happened!

Stay tuned for the next batch of pics of the blocks that came in that have been made up into quilts - they're fabulous.

I've also just found out that some Snugglequilters haven't received their invitation. I emailed them out 2 weeks ago, and have heard that not everyone got theirs. It's those wretched techno gremlins again - they seem to 'have it in' for me at the moment. If you didn't get your invite I am SO sorry - YOU ARE INVITED!!!!
A xo

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